Summer Services we offer:

(PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE) All Pricings below will be Taxed (8.125%)

Basic Lawn Mowing Services

This includes mowing and trimming of edges. (WEEKLY or BI-WEEKLY ONLY ) cut length 3 inches during cooler part of season and 3 ½ inches for warmer part of season.

  • Pricing starting at $40 minimum- goes up from there (Each property will vary)
  • $175 per Acre (43,560 sqft).
  • DOG WASTE FEE ($10.00) - We kindly ask all customers we service to try and pick up their pet waste on the property, before service is provided to avoid pet waste getting onto our machines and creating a mess. Failure to do so will be charged additional $10.00. on top of original Charge OR (Depending on circumstances) no Service will be provided that session.

  • OVERGROWN FEE- such as over 4 inches from the soil point; will be charged additional $35.00 each time needing to cut overgrown grass. This is harder on the machines, and will require more maintenance.


$40 an hour

(Customer automatically charged for first hour and will go up from there.)


$0.25 per SQFT

Soil and Over seeding

$35/hour minimum plus price of product.

Customers automatically be charged for the first hour and will go up from there.

Weed Pulling

(PRICES ARE FLAT RATE plus TAX) $300 and up per property. (Each property will Vary)

Laying down Mulch or Rock

$1,500 starting; prices will go up from there. (Project will Vary)


  • Professional
  • Quality Work
  • Efficient
  • Great Communication
  • Have access to your profile and can PAY ONLINE, check any balances, and request other services through our website.
  • We try our very best to satisfy our customers' outdoor needs.

On the behalf of DOS Employees and Management, we would like to thank you for your business; It means a lot to help us grow as we help your property grow!

Thank you,
Duangvela's Outdoor Services Team